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Democrats for Santorum

As Michigan went to the polls today in what seems to be one of the tightest races so far, Rick Santorum launched a last-minute effort to win over a group that has perhaps been ignored in the Republican primaries so far: Democrats.

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Santorum Fights Back

Last night, Rick Santorum, former Senator for Pennsylvania, a man who compares homosexuality to bestiality, a man who considers pregnancy through rape a ‘gift from God’, a man who lost his last Senate election by over 700,000 votes, comprehensively routed frontrunner Mitt Romney in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri.

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Mitt Romney and the Poor

Last night Mitt Romney won the Nevada primary, giving him three of the five states that have voted so far and shortening his odds even more to become the Republican presidential nominee. However, Romney’s campaign has been anything but perfect, and while he has not been as gaffe-prone as Rick Perry, or as simply baffling as Newt Gingrich, the nature of his ‘slips’ has been telling.

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