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The Parallel Republican Primary

After several months of preamble, the nominating process to find the next president of the United States officially started this week with Monday’s Iowa caucuses. The theme on both sides of the political divide was of outsiders breaking down barriers. Hillary Clinton became the first woman ever to win in Iowa, while Ted Cruz went one better, becoming the first Latino to win a presidential primary or caucus in any state.

With the New Hampshire primary two days away, it seems this theme will continue, with real estate mogul Donald Trump and democratic socialist Bernie Sanders the unlikely frontrunners in their respective primaries. While the arrival of the outsiders will likely dominate the headlines of Wednesday’s newspapers however, of perhaps more importance to the race is the ‘parallel primary’ taking place within the Republican field: a four-way battle for the support of the establishment.

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Romney/Paul 2012?

On Tuesday night, Mitt Romney won both Arizona and Michigan, taking his record so far to six of the eleven states that have voted so far. While Arizona was a foregone conclusion, with its large Mormon population, Michigan was a harder test for him, with polls running into the primary placing him neck-and-neck with Rick Santorum.

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