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The Parallel Republican Primary

After several months of preamble, the nominating process to find the next president of the United States officially started this week with Monday’s Iowa caucuses. The theme on both sides of the political divide was of outsiders breaking down barriers. Hillary Clinton became the first woman ever to win in Iowa, while Ted Cruz went one better, becoming the first Latino to win a presidential primary or caucus in any state.

With the New Hampshire primary two days away, it seems this theme will continue, with real estate mogul Donald Trump and democratic socialist Bernie Sanders the unlikely frontrunners in their respective primaries. While the arrival of the outsiders will likely dominate the headlines of Wednesday’s newspapers however, of perhaps more importance to the race is the ‘parallel primary’ taking place within the Republican field: a four-way battle for the support of the establishment.

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A Bad Day For Mitt Romney

In my first post on this blog, I asked the question ‘Who Really Won Iowa?’. Well we now have an official answer: nobody. Following a recount, Mitt Romney’s 8-vote lead now appears to be a 34-vote lead for Rick Santorum. However, due to a number of ‘missing votes’, the decision has been made not to declare a winner.

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And Then There Were Five…

Ranking up there with Mitt Romney winning New Hampshire and bears shunning public lavatories in terms of pure shock, Jon Huntsman has withdrawn his candidacy for the Republican nomination. His supporters in South Carolina will hold a meeting in a phone box later to decide how to proceed.


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What Didn’t Happen in New Hampshire

Yesterday, the voters of New Hampshire went to the polls and acted exactly as they were supposed to. Mitt Romney strolled to victory, Ron Paul fended off Jon Huntsman’s weak attempts to take second, the conservative vote was split almost equally between Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, and a few people threw a pity vote Rick Perry’s way. But still, there were lessons to be learned: not from what happened, so much as what didn’t happen in New Hampshire.

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Two Days, Two Debates, One Winner

I first must congratulate anyone who managed to sit through both of the Republican New Hampshire debates this weekend. They seemed to alternate between being boring and nauseating to such a degree that a Keith Moon situation was a real possibility. But what is to be taken from them?

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Ron Paul or The Turner Diaries?

Ron Paul has faced a lot of criticism recently for newsletters published in his name in the 1980s and 1990s which put forward racist, conspiracist, anti-Semitic, homophobic and pro-militia views. Paul claims not to have read them, and while that claim is of itself ridiculous, the fact of the matter is that he allowed them to be sent out in his name, he made money from them, and he defended them as late as 1996. In fact, he only began to deny authorship of the newsletters in 2001.

Whatever Paul’s involvement, the newsletters are disturbing, and reading them now (there are scans here) is a distressing experience.

Reading the newsletters, Angus Johnston, who runs the wonderful Student Activism blog, has noticed some similarities with possibly the most infamous piece of American white supremacist literature: the Turner Diaries. This paean to race war influenced Timothy McVeigh and David Copeland with its extremist message of racial purity, and yet sections of Paul’s newsletters fit neatly into place alongside this vile hate book.

If you think I’m exaggerating, head over to Student Activism and see if you can tell Ron Paul from the Turner Diaries in ‘the toughest quiz you’ll take today‘.